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Ashley's 'This Week' Gold Floral Planner Pad

Gold Fall

Our Cute Notepads Were Designed With Love! This one is very special! Introducing the ultimate BE BABE Weekly Deposit planner pad in a new color, designed with you in mind. Each notepad contains 52 sheets on a mounted pad to easily tear away as needed! One for each week of the year. Move over sticky notes and legal pads, we have something just a little bit cuter to spice up your life!

We suggest using the planner pad in this way:

1. Write out everything you need to do in your week ahead under the BRAINDUMP section. Appointments. Calls. Projects. Work stuff. Kid stuff. Etc.

2. Then, separate those tasks and commitments out into the days listed to the left. Add in times if relevant! This helps reduce the overwhelm of looking at a large list and separates more tangible smaller to-do lists and we promise youll love how satisfying it is to see yourself accomplishing things one at a time!

3. On the top Priority column, choose 5 items of MAX importance that HAVE to get done that week. Those are your highest items and you can continue to refer back to them as you work toward totally crushing your week and all that is expected of you.

4. Each day, along the top two left columns, write out one affirmation, one gratitude. (this is where we love to pull from our daily list we write in our Mindful Start mini notepad.) Reflect upon these all week long and be reminded of who you are and the things you have to be grateful for!