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Our Story

Welcome to The Be. Brand! We are so glad you stopped by!

Our brand originated in our founder's living room over the midst of many late night brainstorming sessions. Ashley Smith, the founder and CEO of The Be. Brand, is a successful "mompreneur" working as a health and fitness coach, inspiring and empowering hundreds of women to get started on their wellness journeys.

After much thought about wanting to do something MORE with her passion for fitness, inspirational quotes, and the women in her community, The Be. Brand, came to life. What started as a handful of small ideas and designs, quickly turned into a much larger mission: to encourage and empower women on a greater scale.

There is something so beautiful about a woman feeling confident when she steps out the door every morning, and here at The Be. Brand, we firmly believe that EVERY single person should be BOLD enough to be whatever and whoever they want to be.

Female empowerment is the cornerstone of The Be. Brand, and a portion of all proceeds are donated to various charities and organizations supporting the empowerment and support of young women across the world. Our mission is to help spread the word about empowering young women to chase their dreams and BE BOLD in life.

We have put a lot of time into choosing items and curating designs we think you'll love!

Thank you so much for loving our brand and being a huge part of our story! We are so thankful for you.

Get out there and BE BOLD, Be. Babe!